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Even Agnes is happy!


There are a few different options you can make that are all for FREE:

Option One - Button Swap - BLOGGERS ONLY
If You Don't Have A Button In That Size Or If You Don't Have A Button At All Let Me Know And I Can Design One For Your FREE Of Charge!
If You Choose To Shrink My Button Down Or Grab A Smaller One I Will Do The Same!
If You Remove My Button Let Me Know So I Can Remove Yours! #SoWe'reEven If You Never Remove My Button Your Button Will Permanently Stay On My Blog Too!
If You But My Button On A Page Or A Tab I'll Do The Same Too! #AgainSoWe'reEven

Option Two - Giveaway - SHOPS AND BLOGGERS
The Giveaway Must Be International!
Your Giveaway Must Have THREE Winners In Total!
Each Prize Must Be £25.00 Minimum!
Each Winner Should Receive The Same Item/Items And Must Be Worth The Same Amount!
You Are Responsible To Ship The Prizes Out Yourself!
You Must Post An Image Of The Giveaway Prize Which I Will Edit, On Your Blog Or Shop And You Must Write A Post About The Giveaway! 

Option Three - Post Swap - BLOGGERS
You Must Have The Same Amount Of Followers That I Have In Total Or More!
We Will Pick A Topic That We Can Both Blog About.
When Both Of Us Are Ready We Will Post Each Others Post At The Same Time.
The Post Must Remain Permanent On Your Blog!

Why Should You Sponsor Me? Well Let's Look At My Statistics

My Blog Started On 25/10/2013 And As Of 10/11/2013
I Have 4032 views... and NO it's not me! I also have 91 followers via Google Friend Connect, 295 followers via Twitter and 63 via Bloglovin'

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