Monday, 28 October 2013

7 Deadly Sins Link Up!

All you need to do is copy and paste this list, link-up, and have fun finding out others guilty pleasures.  

Seven Great Things In Your Life

One - My Friends and Family Who Are ALWAYS There For Me
Two - My Kittens, Pinecone And Pablo
Three - I'm A Good Graphic Designer For 14
Four - I Save My Money Up... Like A Good Girl LOL
Five - My Blog (Obviously)
Six - I'm Ready For Anything And Everything
Seven -  I Literally Don't Care About What Other People Think Of Me

Seven Things You Lack And Covet

One - Time
Two - My Attention Span When It Comes To School
Three - Sleep
Four - Motivation 
Five - My Own House
Six - Local Friends
Seven -  Patience

Seven Things That Make You Angry

One - Those Slow-Walkers Who Block The Corridor
Two - People Who Never Listen
Three - Bad Drivers
Four - Hurting Yourself
Five - When You Know You're Right But Someone Else Says Your Wrong
Six - Greedy People
Seven -  When You Write A Long Text And Then All You Get Back Is 'K'

Seven Things That You Neglect To Do

One - Brush My Hair
Two - Reply To Texts When I'm In The Middle Of Something Important
Three - Exercise Out Of School (I Have FOUR Lessons Of PE A Week)
Four - Make My Packed Lunch Till Last
Five - Doing Homework Till Last
Six - Replying To Emails
Seven -  Get My Wardrobe Clean

Seven Worldly Material Desires

One - An AMAZING Halloween Costume
Two - Multiple Houses
Three - Getting A Boo-Ti-Ful Mini Cooper! (Though I Can't Drive)
Four - A New Wardrobe
Five - My Blog (Obviously)
Six - Plane Tickets To Hollywood And New York
Seven -  MONEY

Seven Guilty Pleasures

One - McDonalds
Two - Shopping
Three - Twitter
Four - Emailing For 10 Hours Straight
Five - Movie Night When I'm Supposed To Be Doing Homework
Six - Chocolate
Seven -  Texting 

Seven You Love About Love

One - Always Thinking About Someone
Two - Someone To Share Your Worries With
Three - Laughing And Having Fun With Each Other
Four - Dreaming About Your Future Together
Five - Passion
Six - Butterflies
Seven -  Inside Jokes

The Link Up Is Open Till Halloween!


  1. I'm SO lagging on joining this link up. I hope I get a post up in time to link up.
    Emailing for 10 hours straight? Whoa! =0)

    1. You'll get your post up in time! It's a BREEZE! If you ask my friends what I'm doing most of the day they will say 'Emailing Me For 10 Hours Straight When I'm Meant To Study!' LOL


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