My name is Ellie, I'm 15 almost turning 16 in November 13th who lives in London. I'm just a girl living life. And blogging...
I blog about well... I guess anything really! You can check out my schedule page to find out what I typically blog about.
I started this blog on the October 25th 2013 so my blog is new out here... depends when you're reading this though! The reason why I started this blog is because it all started with me watching YouTube and soon got inspired by everyone else. Then I started reading some blogs and that's when I decided to start blogging. I'm socially awkward around the camera, so I thought it would be better off if I started a blog first!

In the real world if you meet me you see me as a normal, shy, polite girl, but when I'm alone with my friends or my family... Well oh lordy you came at the wrong time! I'm the weirdest, craziest, loudest girl you will have ever heard! Argh! So if you think your pretty coo-coo, think again!

Thanks for spending your time reading this! I hope you liked it... and ME of course!

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