Saturday, 8 February 2014


Dayum, three months since I uploaded anything

I was thinking about getting Instagram but I can't make myself one but I can login to one weird I know, so could anybody make an account for me and I can change the details? Or maybe an account you already have that you don't use? If you can make one or give me one email me with the login details! Thanks!


  1. I will make one for you if you like :)

    Sophie xx

  2. You can set one up on the Internet if you google Instagram sign up. You can't set up a new account via the app but can sign into it once you've created :) x

  3. I'd suggest signing up online like Rinica said and then signing in on the app. :) Hope you're feeling better! :)
    Beckie @ Belle et Beaut blog

  4. You definitely need to make an account, I'd love to see your photos! Have a look at my pictures @learnajohnsonclarke and my blog -

  5. I;ll set one up for you, if you still want it! x arielle


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